Monday, January 19, 2009

New Release DVDs-January 20

Its Monday and it means tomorrow is another day in DVD releases. Every Monday we bring you the movies you should skip, rent or buy on DVD!
Today we have four titles that include a underground city which needs more sunlight on its release date! How much sharp points does a saw have? Well that's how much Saw movies were probably going to have. Demons, a let down movie overall and Mark Wahlberg in another horrible made game into movie. And a inspirational story that inspires us all.

Max Payne

DVD of the week!

Hour and 30 minutes run time.

DVD Rating: Rent it


It was a close one with City Of Ember being the DVD of the week, but I think you better watch Max Payne instead of City. As I Pretty much hatted this movie, many will like the action scenes and the situations with the demons. Rent it, or if you do not have time borrow it or wait till TV in about 2 years.

City of Ember

DVD Rating: Rent it

Hour and 25minute run time

Bill Murray is the only known actor


Many will just skip this PG rated movie, but I liked it. It was not what I expected at all! It is a fantasy, drama movie that is somewhat entertaining the first 20 minutes and then the last flirty or so. So it was too long in reality of the movie, which is already short. I would say rent it and if not wait till it comes out on TV.

The Express

DVD rating:

2 hours and 10 minutes


Dennis Quaid

Its no Remember The Titans, but it is alright if you like a inspirational true story. I personally did not like it and would say skip it. The movie drags on even through they proved a point they do it again and again.

Saw whatever
DVD Rating:

Rated R

If you are a fan you may want to watch this 5th one. If you are not a fan and did not watch none of the others DO NOT watch this one please! Watch Saw the original and do not watch any of the other ones. I hated this one! Can't wait for 6

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