Monday, January 12, 2009

Five Movies You must watch in 2009

2009 is starting and what better way to start it by telling you the five top movies you must watch in 2009!

5- Year one

A movie me and you have almost no information about stars jack Black and Michael Cera as Zed and Oh. Hunter-gathers who are banished from their village and wander through scenes from the Old Testament. If Jack Black is in it, then you should know that this is going to be a class act comedy film. we might not know too much information at the time, but this is a must for any fan for laughs! Release date : June 5, 2009

4- Up
Pixer has made many classic films from Monsters inc, Incredibles, Toy Story and Wall E. They are at it again with Up, telling a story of a senior citizen trying to escape his boring life by millions of balloons. But not knowing that a eight year kid had clenched a ticket with him . A trailer has surfaced for this movie and it looks Amazing. You must be nuts if you are planning to skip this one. Release Date: May 9, 2009

The Next 3 on my countdown are pure Hardcore action movies! I had to!

3- Terminator Salvation
Unbelievable! I thought surely they would stop on number three since almost everyone thought the third was a disaster, which I loved. All Terminator movies and somewhat the TV show were entertaining to watch! Think this is the last movie of the franchise? Well you are terribly wrong, the producers already signed on for at least 2 more movies! So we will see more bots being bad ass and coming from the future! OH YEAH! This is a Must for any fan of Terminator, and if you lost some parts, this is a perfect time to go watch the movie when it will release! Don't believe me, well go take a look at the trailer for yourself! Release Date: May 22, 2009

2- Watchman
Watching the very first trailer for watchman, I hated it. I did not like the movie at all. I have not read the comics on it. The latest trailer was released and getting more information on the film made Watchman Number two for movies you Must Watch In 2009. Release date: March 6, 2009

And the Number one Movies you Must Watch in 2009!!!

1- X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek
Ya ya.. I know I picked two movies but I had to! The best moment in The Day The Earth Stood Still was when they showed the bad crazy trailer for Wolverine! Not only did I go numb all over and but goosebumps flooded my body from head to toe! If you have not seen the trailer, then go search for it and watch it immediately! The trailer is perfectly made and flows with cinema to its best! That's why Wolverine Is the Number One Movie You should NOT miss in 2009. Everywhere May 1st

From absolutely never watching to number one is something to cheer about Star Trek! Let me explain, I never watched a episode or watched any Star Trek ever in the past, as for the future, May 8, 2009 will be a different story. That's right, the little teaser that played way back in the summer, which I hated did not help until i seen the trailer. I fell in love, not will Star Trek, but Star Trek The Movie! I can not wait! The action, the tension.. I can fell it now! May 8Th everywhere!

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