Saturday, January 17, 2009

Defiance Review: Nothing too special

Rating: Wait till DVD or if you have time, go ahead. Why? Read more to find out

About: Three Jewish s' brothers trying to survive the Nazis, but soon find out that they must not only help themselves but others.

Movie Info
Length of movie: 2 hours and 17 minutes
Rated R for Violence and Language. Pretty Graphic!

Daniel Craig (last 2 007 movies), Levi Schreiber (Omen and The Manchurian Candidate) and James Bell (Jumper) as the three brothers
No Spoilers present in the review.

If you absolutely lost everything from your parents to your wife and children, what would you do? Would you go fight and kill blood for blood or would you instead help other Jews so this would not happen to no other family? Well its a reality for Tuvia Bielski (Daniel Craig) and Zus Bielski ( Levi Schreiber) both Jewish brothers who lost both parents and wife's and children to Nazi soldiers.

The Three brothers have the revenge factor in them,but as Tuvia kills their parents killer he soons learns that killing is not so sweet. He soon trys to redeem himself by bringing in more and more Jews to join them in the survival in the forest. As Zus sees this as more mouths to feed and the more we will slow down and be caught by the Nazis. The drama starts there and soon escalates as far as Zus leaving and joining a Anti-Nazi army that is also in the forest, fighting instead of surviving. Of course you can not forget Asael Bielski ( James Bell) trying to gain some respect from his brothers, just a shy little brother he plays.

Defiance lacks in drama, don't get me wrong, it has plenty of useless drama situations. We seen it all happen before, leader gets the people, leader becomes sick, others try becoming leader, leader is well and tells them they are not animals but humans. The beginning also makes you fell for these brothers in which I did, but it was like it was forced. The action scene were alright, the ending action scene was amazing.

Your probably thinking, if its so bad why watch it? Well its not that bad! Yes it has some flaws in trying to tell the story and useless themes that I did not care but the acting was very well done. The connection and interconnection the brothers had is what made watching this entertaining. If only they were on the screen longer and had issues together then it would be another story. Wait for it on DVD or if you must watch a movie this week watch Gran Torino which is a more powerful drama movie and better movie. Not worth a admission to a movie theater!

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